Discover the fine pearl jewellery from Chimere Pearls. Where the warm waters of the Leeuwin Current meet the world’s southern-most coral reef system, lies the magnificent Abrolhos Islands, Western Australia. Here, in these pristine waters are nurtured the fabulous Chimere black pearls.


The majority of Chimere pearls are well rounded, but they also come in a large variety of shapes which preserve their unique character and individuality. This character is instilled into every piece of our fine pearl jewellery and the colours reflected are shades of green and blue, aubergine, gold and silver grey.


With eye-catching lustre and quality nacre skins, Chimere pearls provide a never-ending number of unique variations to discretely and elegantly accommodate any look, style or design.


Bring the emotion back into something you will wear and treasure for a lifetime. Chimere Pearls have a fully equipped workshop onsite. Our Jeweller specialises in one of a kind pieces and has been a jeweller for 30 years.


Sit down with our jeweller and talk about designs, he can look at ideas you already have or show you pieces that he has previously made to give you some ideas. We can supply the gold and gemstones, or you can bring your own gold and gems to be incorporated. Have a design come to life before you in professional drawings, drawn whilst you wait.

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